Friday, July 27, 2012

It's been awhile I just learned to use my iPhone to write my blog.

Yesterday I returned to my Place in Largo,Fl. I was greeted. Beautiful purple butterfly bush! Then I open the door and the house leaped to greet me.
It was another first.
I left home on the 12 of July with every thing in its place. All clean and peaceful. I returned and it was just as I left it peaceful and clean. I know that this is how it should be! But, it never had been. Always before someone stayed at the house mostly my sons and the house was never how I left it!
So this new way of coming home is a real gift to me.
GMP Pa'Ris'Ha. Has been sharing the beauty way for many decades. Each time I live in the beauty way. I enjoy it more and more.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moon phase 1 20 2012 I dropped my son Ray off at 6:35am. As I rounded the cul-de-sac the silvery sliver of Grandfather Moon lay in front of my car. I giggled with excitement. Tomorrow when I look haven ward I may only see what looks like the dullest outline of Grandfather for it is New Moon. This is only a perception New moon is the dark side of the moon at its fullest. What I notice most is the position the Grandfather is in. During the full moon cycle Grandfather was position in front of the car all the way home Now, not more then 13days later it is in the rear of the car as I drive home. So I watch it all the while I am taking Ray to work. The reason that this position intrigues me is because Nunda,(Sun) is coming up over the horizon. All most in a parallel position. They are dance the dance of life. The distance in between is perceived . The energy in between is felt. And so what. What do you do with that kind of knowledge? Weather it be a perceived reality or not, knowing means nothing. It’s the action we take with our perception that maters. I am shearing my perception with my blogging community. Why? Because I chose to! Check out Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’ talks on: She will be speaking twice a month on full moon and new moon on Eagles wings radio. "We are on together" U'no'le A'tso'ta's di Winds talker

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weight plan

Weight 249 6lbs down reviewing food plan Tues starting walking plan.

Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon New Moon is a time for New begins. Every thing from Full Moon to New Moon has laid the foundation for what we want in the this phase of the Moon. As Grandfather rotates to full once again each night more exposure of the Moons energy is visual to us here on Ela. The symbology is Extraordinary Through the 28day cycle it is a visual example of what is possible for us. Even on the day we can not see the Moon it is still there. New Moon is the fullness of the dark side of the Moon and Full Moon is the fullness of the bright side of the Moon. And the betwinks is the rotating from one phase to the other. These phases are called waxing new to full, waning full to new From as far back as I can remember planting of crops where done by the phases of the Moon. We knew that during the wining of the Moon Full to new you , planed the work to do the planting preparing the soil, weeded, laying out the rows husking the corn for seed, Then at New Moon you planted. This time allows for the seeds to be nurtured by the power that the waxing of the Moon brought forth. We always harvest during the Full Moon phase so that the energy was still at its peek. This knowledge of the phase of the Moon when applied to our life cycle works the same way. We have the waning of the Moon to bring forth our ideals and plan for changes to put into place during the Full Moon. At new moon we work the plan and see the fruitions of our work. Simple put I hear the voices of many modern teacher like Oprah, Deepak, and my Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’ha’ along with the voices of the Ancients. Plan your work and work your plan. The phrases of the moon give us a cycle to do this.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food plan 1 14 2012

1/14/2012 goal weight 155 current weight 251 ^^up 2^^ Plan off fig bar coffee apple hard boil egg Ezekiel roll up with tuna and greens fresh veg tray apple baked with honey, cinnamon and artery scrub go to gathering eat a protein and chose carbohydrate. enjoy the people 1/2 grapefruit decaf tea
Rev Marylois R. Schott What is in the moment. Most days I raise to greet, Nunda,(Sun). In these moment there is one thought. Love! Love begins my day. Then I feel other things in the sharing of the next moments of day. Like: beauty, joy, peace, connectedness, contentment, and the enthusiasm for and with the Universe. This is the way I fuel my day with the spiritual Energy that sup-stains me through all things. In the last few months there has been a playfulness that I have shared in the moment awaiting Nunda’s, arrival into my visual path. I have enjoyed the silvery rays of Grandfather moon. As I play in the energy and allow it to flow in and around me. There is a moment that I float on the silver moon beans and the songs of the night fill my being. At this precise time there is a connection with the horizon and I feel the pull of Nunda to dance with us. As we intertwine in a rapture that is God sent and Universally shared ,Harmony, Ecstasy, Nirvana are the words I have to describe what I share in that moment!!! On the mornings that I have to take my son, Ray, to work on the way home Grandfather Moon is still in the western hemisphere and Nunda’s rays are beginning to light up the Eastern Sky. I open my sun roof/Moon roof and raise my hand in the be-twinks/between I am in perfect balance. Nunda comes over the horizon and Grandfather has still not disappeared into the western hemisphere. The is no separation and “We are one together”. I open my voice and sing the praises of the elements and my voice becomes Winds Talker and all the songs of the night and day join me in graduate for the sharing that Grandfather and Nunda have for us. As we crescendo, in that moment, the All that is in All is shared. Then I pull back into traffic and filled with this Energy I walk my talk, I AM the I AM of ME! All of this takes but a moment in time and that is all there is the moment we are in. Yesterday I received a most wonderful text. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’,(GMP) shared the importance of knowing the energy’s of Grandfather Moon in our Medicine practices . (I am always grateful for the teaching of my Elder). Yet today in the knowing of the message the during morning practices I had a awareness of Grandfather moon, Nunda, GMP, and those who walk the way of, “Yunsia Medicine Society“. In the precise moment of my perception of Nunda and Grandfather Moons coming together there was a green glow in the sky and My Heart song leaped out to sing that moment. The action taking place was the color of Green that I could see. So go! Go is action. Go, do, and be, take action in life or die in the stillness of non-action. This filled the song that came forth for U’no’le A’tso’ta’s di to sing. In a moment the whole of our life can be lived and it is only us that perceives what is happening in that moment. The action I take are the All of any given moment. “We are one together” U’no’le A’tso’ta’s di Windstalker

Saturday, January 7, 2012

When your heart is full of love it is amazing how it shows up. Today my heart has song with the tender voices of love all day. I remember my mother holding me in her arms rubbing my back with gentle strokes and little circles. Her fingers reaching up as a breeze passed my face and she brushed back the golden curls that fell down over my eyes. I feel the little lips of a small child as the search for mothers breast. Their little head moving back and forth till they lock on, then their hand reaching up to embrace the ample breast filled with a worm liquid just for them. The two lock in space and time sharing the love in this circle of life. I see the eyes filled with love as the lower to gather mine to them. The first deep kiss of love shared with a lover. First the softness of there lip touching yours then as the hard press desire swells in the electric current flowing between the two of you to the sweet surrender of that moment in time. Then there are the moments when you are wrapped in an embrace in the arms of one who loves you and has always loved you. Their encircling arms fills the hollow areas of your being in a way you did not know possible. There is a tear of love that roles down my check as I remember sing those I love over to the next realm of their lives. I see the body alter laying before me as I raise the cloth to wash it for the last time in this life time. There is nothing but pure love. And always in nature I see the work of love. This morning I sat looking in the mist that lay on the leaves of the trees in the forest beside the house. The small winged being flittered to and foe. Crow mother spoke to me and the little song birds song . Nunda was picking out from behind a cloud. The wind sing me a song that was all the love of God every where. I AM LOVE FOR THAT IS ALL THERE IS